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The Adventures Of Floral Land

2015 was such a fun year! There were many adventures that took me all over Idaho, Oregon and Washington, designing and delivering flowers for weddings and parties. This also gave me a great opportunity to meet with local farmers and suppliers throughout these areas. I traveled down dirt roads that lead to greenhouses nestled in meadows, took a trip to Portland for a Sweet Sixteen party with an Alice in Wonderland theme, enjoyed a beautiful drive to Cascade and up a steep one lane mountain, viewed private homes that were hidden gems with their gorgeous backyards, meandered up country roads that lead to beautiful vineyards, partook in the stunning beauty of the Palouse with the rolling farmed hills, and delighted in a ferry ride to an island off the Puget Sound, and from the middle of the forest outside of Eugene to a farmhouse in a neighboring small town, there were many wonderful people I am thankful to have met.

I also expanded my business to include potted hanging baskets that were showcased down 6th St, as well as other business, and customized hanging baskets for private homes.

The holidays brought company parties, loads of custom wreaths to adorn homes throughout the valley, and filling tables for family gatherings. (see the live gallery on Facebook and Instagram)

With another holiday just a few short weeks away, I’d like to remind everyone to please shop locally.

  • A clearance will be posted on Facebook with permanent botanical designs. Stay tuned and make sure you are following this page! (Kyla Beutler Floral Artistry) If you don't have FB and want to see all designs, send an email to

  • January is a great time to start meeting for the 2016 wedding season! Make sure to visit the wedding page for more inspiration. I am really looking forward to this season! I'm open to designing in any state or location. Seriously, I love making new contacts in different states in the wedding industry.

  • Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year! I will be open that day AND will have delivery available, too! Pre-order by January 31, 2016 for free delivery in Boise City. Delivery will be offered Fri-Sun for all Valentine orders. My local supplier and I have booked some amazing blooms! Not just your standard red rose in a vase, not your standard Boise florist. I will be offering a newer red rose variety and assorted other colors to fill those vases with interesting and fun designs. Tropical flowers shipped directly from Hawaii will be available and including but not limited to: anthurium, birds of paradise, heliconias and various types of orchids. This is going to be spectacular! I'm also teaming up with a local massage therapist to offer awesome packages for your Valentine! Another great package option will be local handmade chocolates from the Chocolat Bar. Again, this is not your standard box of chocolates. My personal favorite is the Aztec Truffle, they melt in your mouth with just a hint of cayenne pepper that lingers on your tastebuds. They are delectable.

  • It’s time to pre-order custom potted hanging baskets! To ensure color specifications, order by March 30, 2015. Baskets will be available after but certain colors may not be available.

Cheers to a joyful 2016!



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