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That one “F” word

Florist vs. Floral Designer

Florist: a person who sells and arranges plants and cut flowers.

Floral Design: the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition.

For years I rejected the term florist and have been on a mission for the last 15 years to educate people in the art form and eliminate the “f” word. It wasn’t until I had to learn and use SEO’s that I had to use the word. It has always left a dirty taste in my mouth and comes out almost as a whisper. However, in reality, that is exactly what I am, a florist.

I’m often asked if I deliver or if I sell flowers for a birthday, baby, anniversary, just because, etc. The answer is YES! I do anything pertaining to flowers and plants.


The best part about my job, the delivery. Why the delivery? Have you ever watched the reaction of someone getting flowers?? It is the most unique and heartwarming part of the whole process. My favorite is when you walk into an office, spotting the recipient immediately, you head their direction- they see you, but they don’t want to get too excited- the closer you get the more emotions start running rampant throughout their body, and they become flushed, nervous, excited, beaming and completely open to love. It is a magical experience. In that moment, I know my job, being the messenger of love, is complete.

I think the definition of a floral designer/florist should be: A messenger of love through the art of flowers and plants.

So here’s a list of all that I do:

  • Flowers for just because, birth of a baby, surgery, get well, anniversary, birthday, dinner parties, host/hostess gifts, gift certificates, baby showers, corporate offices, corporate parties, restaurant tables and entry/host stands, patient flowers for dentists and doctors, congratulations, parties, events, wreaths, holiday, sympathy- casket sprays, easel sprays, paul bearer boutonnieres, general funeral work, weddings, bridal showers, proms and dances for pin on and wrist corsages, boutonnieres.

  • Custom headpieces, dresses, wearable floral art- necklaces, rings and anklets.

  • Silk/Faux flowers

  • Plants in corporate offices, restaurants and personal homes.

  • Plant maintenance for watering with weekly, biweekly or monthly scheduling.

  • Plant diagnosis and treatment.

  • Delivery.

  • Where do I deliver? Anywhere in the Treasure Valley. Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell and upon request, beyond.

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