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I have exciting news!! As many of you know, I participated in my first runway show 2 years ago. It was one of the most nerve wracking experiences I'd ever gone through, on a professional level. I spent moths collecting ideas, supplies and working on the pieces. I learned a lot and while there would be changes I'd make now, I wouldn't change how it all went. You have to get your feet wet somehow, right?! Well, who knew it would lead up to my next adventure? Not me!

I'm thrilled to announce that I am participating in the Boise Art Museum (BAM) Incognito Design Contest! The theme is inspired by the performance art and phographs of contemporary Chinese artist Liu Bolin. See info here

I have done a lot of brainstorming, hashing and research to gain inspiration for the theme of my dress. I'm going to keep this a secret, for now, and lets just say, it's a pretty well known thing in Boise. I've chosen this place because:

  1. It was started by a friend that grew up in the same area of Idaho as I did (which is probably really only meaningful to me).

  2. It is a place that encourages art, inspiration, awe and is very unexpected.

  3. It's colorful

  4. It ties everyhing together for me personally.

I'm extremely analytical, symbolic and I love it when things have multiple purposes. This is a bold move because I will be replicating structures and other peoples ideas and inspiration through my interpretation.

So this is where I would like to reach out to you- this contest will cost more than I can put forward. I am hoping to have some sponsorship to help with the purchase of materials and flowers. While I am quite resourceful and have a great ability to create with minimal, I really want to blow this out of the water and take advantage of such an awesome opportunity (it's BAM after all- it needs to be top notch). Everyone who sponsors/donate will be mentioned in the program that BAM is providing and on my social networking sites (unless of course you'd like to be anonymous). My goal is to have majority of the supplies by March 21, 2015 so I can start creating the dress to fit my model. I'm not one to ask for things like this, but it is that important to me.

I can't wait to share more with you as this progresses!!!

Another great way to support this cause is purchasing designed fresh flower bouquets for delivery. Who doesn't need a little extra cheer!!?! Spring is upon us and I have a lot of wonderful spring floral options! Need something for your front door? A wreath, swag or unique piece? I custom design for that, too! You can also check out my Etsy shop for a more permanent piece and have it shipped within the United States. Shop Etsy

Cheers to Spring!!

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