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Giving away free flowers

I want to give away free flowers! This will be done in a challenge format, and all the information needed to enter is listed below.

Floral design is not based solely on talent. There are basic principles and “rules”, that are tried and true, in design. This does not mean that they must be followed to a T, but the basic principles are a guideline for balance, texture, and structure. Knowing which type of flowers work well together, such as textural balance, appropriate floral mixtures, fragrance, fragile vs durable, stamens that expose pollen (and the potential they have for staining clothing and skin), and the chemical reactions of mixing certain flowers, is vital to creating a lasting product.

Here are some flower facts that many may not be aware of:

* Daffodils release a sap that has chemical properties that are toxic to other flowers.

* Having leaves in the water will create ethanol gas and quickly diminish vase life.

* After you cut a hydrangea, it releases a bacteria that will prohibit the flower from proper hydration.

* Some flowers actually hydrate by the top more than by the stem.

* There are different flower foods for different flowers.

* There are different storage temperature for various flowers.

* Tulips are one of several flowers that keep growing after they’ve been cut.

* Stargazer Lilies were developed in the 70’s by a farmer in California that walked around with a black painted baby jar filled with pollen from other types of lilies and a paint brush. * There is spray paint made specifically for flowers.

So many think that a florist job is fun and easy - Fun, YES! Easy, not at all. Being a designer isn't just putting pretty flowers in a vase; there are so many variables to consider: Care, handling, and processing. Balance, scale, style, colors, and flower combos. Budget. Fragrance. Quantity.

I’ve had my fair share of mistakes over the years, and will likely continue to have an occasional oops. I also don't believe that my style is the end all of designs; however, I take pride in consistently challenging myself to strive for more. I am always continuing my education, learning new tips and techniques, to better serve my customer base, all while still being authentic to my originality. That being said, I want to bring a higher standard to the floral world, and especially, retail florists.

Retail flowers should be better than what you can buy at a grocery store or a DIY. It’s like buying art at a gallery vs TJ Maxx, or dollar store chocolate vs. a chocolatier - Which would you rather send and receive? So, stop trying to impress your partner with a bundle of flowers from a grocery store, because they don’t look pretty outside of the wrapping, and most people don’t take the time to care for them properly. Buying from a professional doesn't have to break the bank - at least in my opinion, it shouldn’t. I believe that everyone should have the right to send and receive beautiful flowers regardless of budget.

In order to help people understand the skill and craft in being a florist, I would like to challenge you to a contest, and have you create a recipe for a hand tied bouquet.

The scenario/situation: You want to take flowers to your Sister. She has both the money and ability to buy herself whatever she wants, but you would like to impress her with something out of the ordinary. You are flying there and have to take it as a carry-on, so it must be a wrapped bouquet. Keep in mind that you should consider the following: your surroundings, color and height combination, being mindful and courteous to others(fragrance and allergies), security check, storing either under the seat or the overhead compartment for take-off/landing and durability of a 2 hr flight, plus the airport wait time.

Your budget: $50.

Your choices are listed below:

Lateral and height flowers:

Ginger 8.75 ea- Tropical, tall/lateral, pink and red colors, texture, no fragrance, durable and long lasting

Bird of Paradise 6.50 ea- Tropical, tall/lateral, orange, smooth, no fragrance, durable and long lasting

Snap Dragons 2.50 ea- Lateral, numerous flowers on one stem, red, orange, pink, yellow, burgundy, bicolored, no fragrance, wilts easily.

Liatris 2.50 ea- Lateral, purple, no fragrance, durable

Dendrobium Orchid 9.75 ea- Accent flower, lateral, numerous flowers on one stem, white, green, purple, lavender, no fragrance, durable

Focal and Accent Flower:

Anthurium 8 ea- Tropical, focal flower, red, pink, white, green, smooth texture, no fragrance, durable and long lasting

Red Rose 4 ea- Focal flower, smooth with a slight ruffled texture, minimal fragrance, durable

Colored Rose 4 ea- Focal flower, smooth with a slight ruffled texture, minimal to extremely fragrant, durable

Tulip 2.50 ea- Accent flower, various colors, no fragrance, smooth texture, durable

Carnation 1.50 ea- Focal and accent flower, various colors, ruffled texture, minimal to fragrant, durable

Pink Mink Protea 11.50 ea- Tropical, focal flower, fuzzy and soft texture, no fragrance, durable

Pin Cushion Protea 6.25 ea- Tropical, focal or accent flower, orange, red, yellow, round body covered with skyward pointing filaments, no fragrance,durable

Stargazer Lily 8.75 ea- Focal flower, large smooth star shape, white with pink, extremely fragrant, stamens, fragile

Asiatic Lily 4.75 ea- Focal flower, medium smooth star shape, orange, yellow, white, burgundy, no fragrance, stamens, fragile

Phalaenopsis Orchid 15 ea- Focal and accent flower, lateral and lower, numerous flowers on one stem, white, pink/yellow, purple, white with purple specs, pink, no fragrance, fragile

Hydrangea 10.50 ea- Focal and accent flower, large flower can be used as a focal or base, purple, blue, pink, white, green, no fragrance, durable and fragile.

Gerbera Daisy 3 ea- Focal flower, no fragrance, orange, red, pink, white, yellow, bicolored, smooth and lacy, durable and fragile.

Green Trick 3 ea- Accent flower, no fragrance, green, long lasting and durable

Filler Flower

Curly Willow 2 ea- Accent/filler branch, adds shape and illusion, can be manipulated, no fragrance, durable

Wax 1.25 ea- Filler, pink, fragrant, small daisy appearance, durable

Statice 1.25 ea- Filler, purple, yellow, raspberry, blue/purple, no fragrance, durable

Solidago 2.50 ea- Filler, yellow, lateral and lush, durable


Salal/Lemon Leaf .75 ea- Oval shaped leaves, deep green, smooth texture, durable, no fragrance

Spiral Eucalyptus 1 ea- Lateral, silver/green, fragrant, durable

Seeded Eucalyptus .75ea- Filler, wispy, sage green leaves with berries, minimal fragrance, durable

Aspidistra 1.50 ea- Smooth long, broad leaf that can be folded, twisted, placed at the base or used as a focal, no fragrance, durable

Bear Grass .15 a blade- Smooth long blades that can be folded, twisted, braided, placed at the base or throughout for a wispy look, no fragrance, durable

The person that has the most reasonable recipe for the scenario will win flowers from me. Limited to Boise residents. Answers must be placed in comment board. Deadline is April 29, 2015

Serving the Treasure Valley with deliveries to Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa and Kuna. Birthday, anniversary, baby, just because, get well, wedding, prom, funeral and custom designed permanent flowers are all available. Call or email Kyla at (208)724-1196 or

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